Frequently Asked Questions health

1. How much fluoride is removed by the


The dual WATERKLEENFRS filter system is independently lab tested to remove 96% of Fluoride and the single unit is lab tested to remove 81% of fluoride. (Fluoride removal percentages are based on laboratory results using tap water containing 1 ppm (Parts per million). Ranges of fluoride content vary in tap water and removal percentages will be affected. Contact your local water authority for fluoride levels in your tap water.


2. Does the WATERKLEENFRS remove toxic compounds other than fluoride from my tap water?

76 toxic compounds and pollutants are removed by the WATERKLEENFRS system without taking the healthy benefits (important minerals, calcium, and magnesium) out like Reverse Osmosis and Distilling methods.


3. Can the cartridges be replaced?

Yes, the cartridges can be replaced. Because the cartridges are anti microbial (limits bacterial build up in the cartridge), the cartridge will provide over 1400 gallons of fluoride reduction and removal of toxic elements for only 11 cents per gallon. The cartridges can last a family of 4 a year or more depending on water quality and usage.


4. Is the WATERKLEENFRS tested to do what it claims it does?

The WATERKLEENFRS is independently lab tested to remove fluoride and other toxic elements found in typical tap water. Both the single and dual filters were tested at Spectrum Laboratories, Inc.. The Single unit was found to remove 81% of the fluoride while the Dual removed 96% of the fluoride along with other toxic elements. (Percentages are based upon a fluoride content 1 ppm).


5. Will I have to add nutrients to my water after being filtered like with my Reverse Osmosis system?

No, the WATERKLEENFRS removes pollutants and contaminants without removing the vital minerals and nutrients that the body needs from water.


6. Is the WATERKLEENFRS easy to install?

The WATERKLEENFRS installs easily and quickly and is extremely economical. To install simply unscrew your faucet head and replace it with the filter’s diverter valve (a pair of pliers might be needed to loosen the faucet head and to tighten the diverter valve). To operate, pull the knob on the

diverter valve and water will flow out of the filter’s spout. Make sure to run only cold water through your WATERKLEENFRS. The under the counter unit might require professional installment.


7. Is the WATERKLEENFRS economical to use?

The WATERKLEENFRS filters approximately a minimum of 1400 gallons of pure drinking water for a cost of $0.11 cents per gallon.


8. How does this system work?

WATERKLEENFRS cartridge is a combination of NASA developed silver impregnated activated charcoal with Kalcifate Plus™, an organic calcium substrate heat processed. Chemical bonding removes the fluoride.


9. Is it as good as Activated Alumina?

This is best answered by addressing the relationship between aluminum and fluoride. What is very interesting is the assumption that activated alumina is good. Since the body does not readily absorb aluminum by itself, and concerns of aluminum toxicity exist, we need to look at the effect of using alumina. Activated alumina is not a concern in and of itself, but in the presence of fluoride ions, the fluoride ions combine with the aluminum to form aluminum fluoride, which is absorbed by the body. Once in the body, the aluminum eventually combines with oxygen to form the end product aluminum oxide or alumina. Alumina is found in the brains of patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

This being said, we see that our product is superior. Also our dual system will remove 96% fluoride.

(Studies have shown that rats fed alumina in diet results in short term memory loss, unsteady gait, and loss of structures of the neo-cortex and hippocampus, all symptoms consistent of Alzheimer’s disease.)


10. Can the WATERKLEENFRS be used to filter hot water?

No, use cold water when filtering your drinking water. Using hot water will prevent maximum fluoride removal and might compromise the life of the replacement filter.


11. Did you develop it yourselves?



12. What does FRS stand for?

Fluoride Reduction System.


13. What health problems has fluoride been linked to?

Hyperactivity (ADD-like symptoms)

Children exposed to higher levels of fluoride had lower IQ’s

Causes Cancer

Bone Cancer in male children

Uterine cancer deaths

Increases in hip fractures

Link to infant deaths

Increases in blood lead levels in children

Development of osteoarthritis

Suppresses thyroid function

Poison warning is now required on fluoridated toothpastes sold in the U.S.

It has been used as a pesticide for the control of mice, rats, and other small pests

Osteoporosis is one of the first signs of poisoning due to fluoride in the water

Genetic damage

Fluoride built up in the brains of animals

Damage to the brain and behavior patterns of the animals, was adversely affected

Young animals experience – hypoactivity or sluggishness

1 part per million fluoride, lesions in the brain similar to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia

Possible damage to the blood brain barrier

Bone cancer-causing effects

Peri-natal deaths

Down’s Syndrome

Large-scale studies of water fluoridation have shown that there are no positive effects

Fluoride exposure leads to increased levels of caries

Impairs the functioning of the immune system

Developing chronic immune system disorders

Causes acute adverse reactions such as:

-Gastrointestinal systems


-Joint pains



-Visual disturbances

-Muscular weakness

-Extreme tiredness

-Bone pain

-Sensations of burning, pricking, and tingling in the limbs

-Chronic fatigue

-Reduced appetite



Severe skeletal fluorosis

Cumulative poison

Increases lead and arsenic exposure

Contaminated with lead, arsenic and radio nuclides

Development of Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI)

Permanent adverse structural change to the teeth

Inhibits key enzymes

Fluoride is an extremely poisonous substance

Banned in many countries

You are not able to see, smell, or taste dangerous levels of fluoride in your water


14. Do I have to wait for the water to be purified like with Reverse Osmosis?

No, the Water Kleen FRS removes fluoride and containments instantly without the waste of water, money and time that you get with Reverse Osmosis.


15. I can find no mention of your Kalcifate Plus™ removal media anywhere else except your website. Since you specifically state that you do not use Aluminum Oxide (alumina) as your fluoride removal medium, I am wondering exactly what you are using to remove the fluoride.

I presume it is some sort of calcium medium. Can you provide more details on how this works and also whether or not it binds the fluoride in the filter or turns it into calcium fluoride and leaves the calcium fluoride in the water?

Kalcifate Plus™ is the Trade Mark name. Since this is proprietary we cannot be specific in how we remove the fluoride. Kalcifate Plus™ is not an elemental calcium product, therefore it does not create calcium fluoride and there is no by product calcium fluoride from this process.


16. Is your activated carbon media a granular type or solid block type construction?



17. I am also looking to filter our refrigerator/icemaker water, and wonder if your setup could be easily adopted to remove the output spout and replace it with a line going to the refrigerator. If not, are your filters cartridges compatible with other housings that might already have the right type of fittings for a refrigerator connection. I am not trying to fit your filter into a proprietary shaped refrigerator filter, I just want it to sit behind the refrigerator in your housing.

Our under the counter unit is designed to provide an attachment to your ice maker with a diverter line. We would not recommend doing what you are talking about.